Need Equipment in Noosa for Baby? Hire Choice Provides Everything You Need to Keep Your Little One Comfortable!

Hiring baby equipment for short-term use can be an incredible option when you’re going on holiday with a little one in tow. Rather than make do with what’s available at a resort, purchase new equipment, or attempt to travel with bulky baby equipment on board, contact a friendly team that will have the equipment you need ready to go the moment you need it. When going on holiday in Noosa, the baby hire experts to call are at Hire Choice.

Hire Choice Sunshine Coast provides a range of equipment for infants and young children, including prams, cots, car seats, and much more. All of their equipment is kept clean and inspected on a regular basis to help ensure the safety and welfare of its customers’ most valuable assets.

One of the greatest benefits of working with Hire Choice is the incredible flexibility that they offer to their clients. They can be available at the airport, at your resort, or at a Noosa home to deliver their equipment and pick it up on the time frame that best suits you. Even better, they can help with the installation of your gear as needed. (After all, you’re traveling with a baby in tow – your hands are full!)

Find a full listing of items, availability, and quotes for short-term hires on the Hire Choice Sunshine Coast website at, or by giving the team a call on 0419 793 935. If you’re in need of equipment for your holiday in Noosa, the baby hire experts at Hire Choice are ready to assist you!