A portable sleep solution for peaceful sleep
A privacy pod that helps babies/toddlers (and parents) get a good night's sleep.
Bottomless design to enclose portacot (portacot not included - please add a portacot to your booking if required)
When set-up: 127cm long, 91.44cm wide, 142.24cm tall
Made of a unique fabric that is breathable (air-permeable) and light-blocking

* Slumberpod Fan is included for use with the Slumberpod.

* An extension cord is included for use with the Slumberpod Fan

1 - 3 Nights $63.70.
4 - 7 Nights $75.50
8 - 10 Nights $94.20
11 - 14 Nights $.10
15 - 21 Nights $102.50

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